How To Organize A Spanish Food Festival

You have a passion for cooking and you want to give everyone a chance at tasting some delicious food or get everyone passionate about cooking to contribute this so that the community can have a great day. Spanish food is known for its unique flavor combinations, punchy taste and singular character which makes it a great theme to plan a food festival around. It is also a very vibrant and relaxed culture that you can infuse into your event planning so as to make the event more memorable and entertaining for everyone there. Here is how and what to do first so that you can assure the event is a success.


The first step is to lay down a plan that will cover every aspect of the event. If you can obtain help from others great, but if not you are going to be doing this alone. That is a big deal. Having a plan that includes things like the date, participants, vision, venue, menu, budget etc. can really help you as the event draws nearer.

Look for ways to get PR

PR is very important if you have the resources, hiring some promotional staff will really help your event. There are many companies that provide this facility so keep an eye out for something that is suitable. You can also advertise on social media if you want or carry out a small leaflet campaign to let everyone in the area know that the event is coming up. Knowing what they will be going to exactly will make people more willing to show up to the event.

Confirm attendees

Make sure that everybody in the community knows about the food festival and the date well ahead in time so that they can make space on their schedules for it and join the fun. Do not wait till the last minute because especially families will find it hard to juggle their schedules around if so. Besides confirming a rough number of participants at least will help you to determine on the facilities to provide and the rough cost of the event.

Throw in a surprise or two

For example because it is a Spanish food festival why not hire some exotic dancers Gold Coast who can do an authentic Flamenco? Or perhaps you can set up a stall where a qualified person is teaching a bit of Spanish language? These unexpected yet quirky surprises will definitely get everyone’s spirits up and happy.

Last but not the least

Plan the menu. Focus on the theme and stick to recreating authentic Spanish cuisine. You can add your personal touches and twists to it but make sure that the traditional look and taste is well preserved as that is the whole point of having a food festival. Make a variety of dishes like a soups, salads, starters, mains and even some desserts. Include some traditional Spanish drinks if possible as well.